Your autistic child does have a sense of humour

Okay, this is just a little rant, because I love my brother a lot and he cracks me up, even though he doesn’t speak a word.

Picture this; family dinner, 3 brothers, one sister, mother, step father. Me and Al can communicate with sign language, our middle brother (J) knows a few words, our parents and sister know nothing and haven’t bothered trying to learn.

Al wears over-head style headphones in most settings, especially when the whole family is together, because our mother is really rather loud and it gets over stimulating for him, but regardless; he copes with the headphones. So we’re all sitting eating, and Mum asks me to ask Al to pass the salt.

(Note: mother dearest is not a nice person.)

Me, signing, towards Al: “please pass mum the salt, it’s on your right”

Al, signing, towards me: “she’s salty enough why does she want more” and passes it to me, while I desperately try not to crack up and translate that he said of course.

Just a recent example of how, even though he may not say so verbally, Al is hilarious.

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