Hi there, I’m Quin, an autistic adult, student, and primary care giver of an autistic 11-year old, my brother, who I’ll refer to here as Al.

I see a lot of misconceptions about autism, and a lot of parents who think they’re doing the best for their children, but really, are probably making things worse. There are a lot of allistic (not autistic) parents of autistic children who simply want the best for their child, as we all do, but through not being able to understand what it’s like to be us, they’re hurting their children, their chances in life, and promoting really harmful parenting tactics.

It scares me to see these things, and so my goal with this blog is to help. I want to show these parents what it feels like to be an autistic child, and share some things that have worked for me and Little Man. You might wonder what sort of authority I have on this, and why I think I can understand your child more than you can, and the answer is simply because while I may not have the same autistic traits your child does, and Jay may not either, I can definitely understand more than an allistic person can.

I mean no disrespect to any of you as human beings or as parents, I merely ask that you listen to what I have to say.

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